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Camila garcía
Systems and Computing Engineering
Bogotá, Colombia
Latina in computing


I am a student at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia and I'll be graduating in October 2018. I'm a fast learner and I love getting into new technologies and topics. My current interests are Machine Learning and Image processing.

Right now I'm focusing on learning C++ and Go. While I enjoy coding a great deal, I've also loved art my whole life, and I've dabbled in a lot of different techniques. Check work I'm the proudest of at the art section.









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July - October 2017

Software Engineer Internship at the Cloud Counter Abuse Technology Team in Google. Worked to detect unauthorized use of google logos in order to detect possible phishing attempts. Used multiple internal technologies, along with C++ and python.

January - June 2017

Undergraduate Research Assistant at Lung Segmentation and Aeration Quantification doctorate project. Helping develop best ways to quantify and analyze results for best use in hospitals.

August 2014 - December 2016

Teacher Assistant in several core classes, such as Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Object-oriented Programming and Algorithmic I, Structural and Logical Mathematics and Introduction to Technological Infrastructure.

July - December 2015

Course material and workshop development of the university's Data Structures class. After being deeply dissatisfied with course, offered to help change it drastically, along with a small group of other students.

August - December 2014

Tutored for different engineering students taking basic programming classes in "CupiTaller" project, which reduced desertion and improved overall grades for students. Recognition as best tutor in the project, chosen by the students tutored.


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